There is a place in our company where your projects become reality. There is a place in the company where we put our professionalism at your service to halve delivery times and ensure a finished product of the highest quality.

This special place is the technical office, the place where your projects come true. After years of laser sheet metal cutting, laser tube cutting, plasma cutting, bending and, of course, welding, we wanted to provide our customers with an extra opportunity.

The right opportunity came with the creation of a technical office with a group of highly qualified professionals and able to work with 3D CAD drawing software.

The technical office allows us to speed up communication between the design and production departments. The finished project comes straight into the hands of operators who know exactly what to do.

If you are able to provide us with the file in 3D the whole operation is even faster and we can deliver your project even earlier!

Our guarantee of a product of impeccable quality is always the same.

Entrust us with your prodigy, we will know how to turn it into reality.


Feasibility study

Within the technical department, the feasibility study consists of the analysis and evaluation of the characteristics, costs and desired results of a project on the basis of a general idea.

Drawing systems

The drawing systems used by the technical department use 3D CAD design software, these allow to shorten the time between design and implementation, used by qualified personnel.

Solid modeling

Solid moderation is another pillar of our design, it allows us to have a preview of the implementation of the entire project, a fundamental step thanks to which we can solve any problems.

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